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Fallen Kingdom | Classic version! Fallen Kingdom | Classic version!

Rated 0 / 5 stars

My thoughts on Fallen Kingdom:

1. Weird Opening. By all Means, make a title screen and don't throw the player straight into the game.

2. Odd Movement and Animation: the Idle animation is kinda sort odd looking in my opinion. aand his running animation looks like a slenderman trying to jog. if you just work out some of the animation flaws then it would look alot more cleaner

3. The UI: Like WTF is the UI. You Got a Health Bar and some Gray bar. The Gray Bar is your "Stamina" and you have a bunch of text in the upper left corner. its confusing and if there were some more explanation. then it would be better.

4.The Setting: The Setting isnt BAD by all means, nut with some animation to the middle and background. then it would pop out in a good way.

In total. i Vote X Stars. Blammed in my opinion

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maxgacek responds:

Thank you for your comment.
We will try to improve our game based on your indications.