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Tale of Two Tasters Tale of Two Tasters

Rated 4 / 5 stars

My Thoughts on the Movie


1. Style. Style is somewhat Confusing, i can't tell if it is supposed to be Cartoony or a sort of fat-lined (using heavy line and LOTS of color space to pop a image when moving) animation but its ok to say the least.

2. The Presentation. Its Short and Simple and to the point. Spyro and Crash are having a Tasting Contest. Spyro Chooses Hard because of a complex Taste Palette and Crash Chooses Easy because of his easy going diet. it Goes on until the Wompa Fruit Cake. Which Crash Wins. Simple. Sweet. and To the Point.

3. Music. Music is Ok. wish to know where it came from. besides from the internet. which is obvious, and it works well with the animation

In total: 4* imo Its good and well thought out animation can be posted but not frontpaged. (sorry if i broke your hopes ;3;)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

So my thoughts on the Movie

Before i Start i want to give these characters names
(Guitar Guy) Guitarherostyles
(Three random guys) 3 Stooges
(Ambulance Guy 1+2) Bob and Mob
(Computer Guy) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

1: The Style. It reminds me a whole hell of a lot of Go Animate. but it looks to be done in flash. so wont be too heavy here. just work on not making it so damn spastic. its weird and makes it work in a bad way.

2. The Presentation: it starts off with GuitarHerostyles with the Dragonforce Solo and Then the ambulance then jump cuts to computer, back to ambulance (in a nutshell) imo Its ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE. i know its supposed to be memey. but tone the jump cuts down a notch or two

3. The Music. GOD FORBID ME SAYING THIS But i wouldn't try to use Copyrighted music on Newgrounds. it can get you banned and such. and royalty free music isn't helpful either. your uploading to massive multimedia site WHERE MUSIC IS PLENTIFUL AND ITS PRETTY DAMN GOOD TO SAY THE LEAST.

In Total: 2.5* Its not bad and not Good. work some more with your animating program and try using original music piece to give it authenticy (even its it a remix.)

dziljalal3 responds:

Thank you, Actually it just some random test of animation, I don't know it can become serious animation,. But yeah pretty happy, Thank you

Balloonie intro animation Balloonie intro animation

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

My Opinion on the Movie

1: The Style. Its good and all. and i like it. but if you cleaned up some of the lines and get rid of some wavy it effects. it makes it look neater and stand out more.

2: The Story You Portrayed the story really well. A child Buys a Balloon a festival i assume, and loses the balloon when to get ice cream. you done well with the story telling in a comic panel style

3: The Music. The Music goes well with the animation. and i quite like it. good pick of music

In Total: 4.5* I Like the Animation. and i hope to see the game released in the near future :)

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ThinkingMicrowave responds:

Thank you very much, your comment really gave us a boost. :)